Why do you want that dress? Here’s 7 wrong reasons.

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We’re sure you’ll all agree that shopping is easier than not shopping. Shopping because the sales are on, shopping because we’ve had a bit of a crap day, shopping because we’re going to a party, a date, a job interview, wherever.

I once bought a ridiculously expensive dress only because I hated being back in the office after six months of travelling. It wasn’t my style and I never once wore it. Clearly an excellent example of a bad reason to buy… to save you from a similar waste of money, global resources, time and wardrobe space, here are seven more.

1. Because you simply love shopping. No! Shopping is not a hobby. Take up running, yoga, reading or painting instead.

2. You stumbled upon it and it’s gorgeous. Don’t buy on a whim! How many other options do you have for similar occasions? Is it really better than those? Does it fit in your budget? If the answer is no, it’s best to leave it (sorry, we know it’s painful, but the world is full of lovely stuff and we can never have it all).

3. You feel bored, hungry, thirsty, tired, anguished, socially handicapped, unpopular, etc. A purchase might be a short-term painkiller, but it won’t take the problem away. A chat with a friend, a cup of coffee or a nice sandwich tends to help!

4. If it broke or didn’t fit perfectly, would you be happy to spend the money to get it fixed or taken in? If not, it’s just not good enough.

5. It’s cheap. Why is it cheap? It’s very possibly shocking quality and contributes to the exploitation of textile workers. Plus, regardless of how cheap it is, it still takes the same space in your wardrobe.

6. It’s on sale. Again, why is that? Is it an example of a passing trend on its way out… would you still wear it in 6 months? Do you really want it or do you (don’t we) just love a bargain?

7. You’ve just got a pay rise and you want to spend some money. Well, we totally know what your saying… all we ask is that you check the questions in point two first. If you answer no, head on over to our Shopaholic’s guide to buying less.

So, was the dress fab or fad, a no or a go? If you did buy it, please tell us what made it super special for you. We’d also where can i buy generic viagra in the uk love to hear any suggestions on any exquisite, ethically and ecologically made clothes you’ve found that could fill the blanks in our wardrobe, too. Please share those with us in the comments section!