Imagine opening your wardrobe door. Do you see an airy, well organised space, which makes it easy to choose your outfit for the day? Or are you faced with an avalanche of clothes, some of them dirty, others broken, all the wrong style. There’s nothing to wear! And then you’re off shopping again.

Stop right there! You’re about discover your Feel Good Wardrobe, right here. A wardrobe that contains everything you need – nothing more, nothing less. One that’s equally kind to your soul, to textile workers in the Far East, and to the environment.

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Anna Kurkijärvi-Willans is the co-founder of Ink Tank Media based in Helsinki, Finland. She’s a blogger, journalist and copywriter with a serious weakness for flea-market fashion bargains – surely, if it’s second hand, buying it won’t hurt anyone? Well, it did hurt her wardrobe, and she’s still trying to fix the damage. Anna’s Finnish-British family of four survives the Nordic climate on chocolate and holidays to Spain.

Anna Kurkijärvi-Willans


Rinna Saramäki, a former clothes addict, has studied fashion design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. She is the author of four books including Hyvän mielen vaatekaappi (Feel Good Wardrobe), which helps people create a happy and balanced relationship with what they wear. Rinna lives in Helsinki, Finland, with her husband and daughter and loves traveling by train.

Feel Good Wardrobe is a site owned by Ink Tank Media. For the moment, the Feel Good Wardrobe book is only available in Finnish. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to see it translated.

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